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Our strength is our management team. Every member of the management team is empowered with the core knowledge of the work he is handling. As a team we are committed to accomplish the task which we take with proper care and within the deadline. We always try to solve each and every member's doubt and problem before going ahead as far as redevelopment is concerned. We can assure you with the help of our knowledge and vision we can transform the old society building in to a masterpiece.

Management Team

Shweta, a driving force as a Partner within our esteemed company. Armed with a commerce degree, she has orchestrated a pivotal transformation in the landscape of property services by pioneering a professional marketing approach at Saakar. Her remarkable journey encompasses collaborations with industry giants, underscoring her impeccable track record.

Mrs. Shweta stands as a cornerstone in the strategic decision-making echelons of Saakar, having been an integral part of the group since its inception. Her dynamic portfolio showcases her adeptness in multifarious roles including finance, client relation, and beyond. Her mastery shines brightly in the realm of redevelopment consulting, a testament to her rich experience and expertise.

Kamlesh, an invaluable Partner of our esteemed company. A holder of an MBA in Finance, his unyielding commitment to reaching new pinnacles and establishing elevated benchmarks has indelibly etched the company’s strong brand presence.

Collaborating seamlessly with senior teams, Mr. Kamlesh has been the driving force behind the company’s remarkable growth trajectory, expertly crafting strategies and formulating plans that fuel success. His extensive background is a tapestry woven with threads Mergers & Acquisitions, Collaborations, Redevelopment, and Joint Ventures.

With his leadership, innovation, and unwavering commitment, he continues to be a trailblazer, steering Saakar towards unprecedented growth and success.

Alankar has a robust background in Real Estate spanning over a decade, he bring forth a wealth of knowledge and expertise cultivated through two decades of professional experience. His journey has encompassed the entire spectrum of project development, affording him hands-on familiarity with every stage of the process. he shine particularly bright in the realm of project execution, where his core proficiency truly shines.

Sameer earned his BA in Economics from Symbiosis College, his professional journey found its roots in the dynamic landscape of banking and finance. He prowess in sales and marketing quickly emerged as a defining strength, shaping his path forward.

With a robust background spanning over 14 years in the real estate sector, particularly within the realm of redevelopment, he has amassed a wealth of hands-on experience. His forte lies in the intricate art of formation, convincing, and providing comprehensive support for various liaisoning needs within societies.

Through unwavering dedication and a keen understanding of the sector, he’ve cultivated a reputation for excellence. As a result, he stand poised to continue contributing significantly to the evolution and success of real estate endeavors.

Rahul, a seasoned redevelopment consultant and real estate expert, brings a wealth of experience to the industry. With a keen eye for identifying potential in properties, he specializes in revitalizing spaces, turning dilapidated structures into thriving assets. Rahul's strategic insights and in-depth knowledge make him a go-to professional for clients seeking innovative solutions in real estate redevelopment.

Amit, a distinguished commerce graduate from BMCC College, coupled with a Masters of Commerce from Pune University, stands as a testament to his academic pursuit of excellence. With an illustrious professional journey spanning 18 years, he has been dedicatedly engrossed in the domains of finance, advisory, and real estate, all the while honing his skills in marketing and sales.

As the visionary founder of EXE Company, his mission is singular and profound – to empower clients in nurturing their wealth within the realms of Equities and Mutual Funds. With an unwavering commitment to growth and expertise cultivated over the years, he steadfast in his pursuit of helping clients achieve their financial aspirations.

Associate Partners

Meet our esteemed partners who share our commitment to excellence. Together, we form a collaborative force, delivering innovative solutions and ensuring the success of every project. Explore the strength of our partnerships, grounded in expertise, reliability, and a shared vision for transformative construction.

Associate Partners Architect Legal
Baban chaugule Ar Sawan chandak Adv Nitin Zanjad
Shivraj Patrawale Ar Harshal Kavdikar Adv Shrikant gosavi
Vinit Wanjale Ar Atul Diwane Adv Anil Surana
Bharat Sable
Sharad Bhogle
Sagar Manddal