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At SAAKAR, we bring expertise and a collaborative spirit to redevelopment projects.
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SAAKAR, your trusted partner in project management, excels in delivering
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SAAKAR is a professional consultation firm which provides professional services in the Project Management for Redevelopment of the Societies. As everyone aware, many parts of the Pune city and suburbs developed 30 years back and awaiting for the revitalization. Every society member dreams about the new home with better life style when building gets older. To fulfil this dream Saakar plays a very important role because redevelopment process is bit tedious and time consuming and includes man management at different levels. Because of Saakar team’s a decade plus experience we can handle and sort out these issues smoothly.

Our team consists of several professionals like Architects, Chartered Accountants, Civil Engineers and Lawyers who are experts, particularly in the redevelopment segment. We work with our clients seamlessly to deliver the project safely and efficiently, while constantly redefining industry best practices.

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Discover bespoke project management services designed to meet your unique needs. Our expertise ensures seamless execution and success for every endeavor.

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Discover what our clients say about their experiences. Our testimonials speak to the success, satisfaction, and trust we've earned. Join the chorus of voices affirming our commitment to excellence and personalized service.

I approached SAAKAR to redevelop our Society, and I am happy to say that the end product is of great quality. It has been a great experience interacting with SAAKAR because they have always listened to us and taken into consideration all of our requests. In fact, as a gesture of our gratitude, we even presented them with a plaque appreciating their excellent customer service. Our experience so far has given us the faith that in the future, if we face any problems, SAAKAR will resolve them with grace. And it is this faith that allows me to give them a full 10 on 10 on all fronts!

Mr. Angal

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While considering the redevelopment of our society, we had looked at 4-5 redevelopment consultants. SAAKAR was one of the names we had short-listed after seeing the high-level of quality in their previous project, namely Saraswati, which had even won the award for 'Best Consulting' that year. But what really set them apart was the extremely positive approach that came across all the interaction we had with them. After seeing the plan, our confidence was boosted because the plan was extraordinary. It was an entirely new approach and idea!
From then on, the journey just got better and better. SAAKAR was very forthright and transparent in their dealings with us. Whatever they committed, they delivered. Furthermore, they also explained every aspect to us, so there was no scope of misunderstandings and everything was crystal clear. The end product we received has definitely lived up to our expectations. We are very happy with our decision of choosing to redevelop with SAAKAR. I would and do recommend them to anyone who is looking for a superior and hassle-free redevelopment experience.

Mr. Deshpande

I decided to redevelop our society after 40 years. I am very happy with this decision. With the new building, not only did I get better amenities, I also got better security than before, and company in the form of neighbours. I decided to go with SAAKAR after observing the work of several redevelopment consultants, as I found their consulting quality to be far better than the rest. I didn't chose to redevelop with the intention of making money; I wanted good work. And with, SAAKAR, I got just that. They were quick and efficient and the end result, as you can see, was very good.

Mr. Limaye

SAAKAR gave us excellent consulting that exceeded expectations. A major concern when building a home is getting it delivered in time. We got our ours not just in time, but also built with great quality. They also helped us find a home during the period of consulting, along with bearing the cost for it. We didn't encounter any problems in the process, and all paperwork got done in time. Our home with them has been a very fruitful association and we highly recommend their work

Mr. kulkarni

Our experience with SAAKAR has been outstanding. As a company, they are not just responsible, but also dependable. They are very creative as well as positive people. Their sense of aesthetics is good, the building therefore looks great. They delivered a lot more that they had committed. We had heard and seen that their work is of superior quality. They surely justify this reputation. I can confidently say that there is no one in our building who has anything negative to say about them. On a scale of 1-10, I would grant them 10 for sure.

Mr. Sardesai